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Sam Site offers a premier range of DJ equipment to elevate your performance. Whether you're a newcomer to DJing or a seasoned pro, we boast the latest DJ gear and accessories. Choose from renowned brands, including Tascam, Pioneer, and more. From DJ mixers to DJ headphones, you'll discover the perfect gear at unbeatable prices.

DJ Mixers

Modern standalone DJ controllers incorporate integrated mixer sections. However, the traditional setup with two separate decks necessitates a dedicated mixer. A stellar mixer with superior sound quality forms the cornerstone of any DJ setup. Purists will appreciate the features offered by 2-channel battle mixers. Many 2-channel mixers provide seamless control of popular DJ software. Look for features such as built-in effects and high-quality sound cards to enhance your audio and creativity. Nightclubs and festival stages often feature 4-channel mixers, offering more input and output options. Mixers with integrated DJ software and dual USB inputs allow two DJs to connect their laptops simultaneously.

DJ Accessories

When you rely on high-value DJ gear for your livelihood, maintaining its functionality and appearance is crucial. That's why DJs with regular gigs and touring schedules turn to sturdy flight cases, soft cases, and protective bags. At Sam Site, we offer an extensive range of road cases and accessories to safeguard your DJ equipment.

Being a professional DJ requires meticulous preparation, both in terms of music and gear. Arriving at your DJ gigs with the right accessories is essential. Club DJs should come equipped with DJ headphones, a laptop stand, cables, and turntable needles. For mobile DJs handling weddings, corporate events, or private functions, preparation is even more critical. Mobile DJs working solo must be self-reliant, as they can't count on other DJs for backup. Sam Site stocks all the XLR cables, adapters, and other accessories you need to ensure a successful event.

Live Sound and PA Systems

Mobile DJs depend on professional-grade sound systems to keep the dance floor rocking. At Sam Site, we offer high-quality PA systems for both mobile DJs and venue installations. Our lineup of live sound equipment ensures your music sounds its best. Whether you require powered speakers or passive speakers paired with power amplifiers, Sam Site has the sound system to suit your needs. Our selection of convenient personal line array PA systems sets a new standard for portability. When you need to fill a concert-sized venue, our full-size line array of speakers has you covered.

Mobile DJs often balance output and portability by opting for powered speakers. Powered speakers utilizing potent Class-D amplifiers offer excellent value and scalability. In most cases, a setup with two full-range powered speakers and two powered subwoofers will comfortably accommodate a crowd of 150-300 people. The best mobile DJ setups will include a pair of powered subwoofers to ensure your audience feels the music, not just hears it.

DJ Headphones

Selecting the right pair of DJ headphones is a highly personal decision. Comfort is paramount, especially for club DJs and wedding DJs, who may spend up to 4 hours behind the decks wearing headphones. Professional DJs understand that the best headphones are those you can wear comfortably for extended periods. Build quality is also crucial. At Sam Site, we offer a wide selection of robust DJ headphones built to withstand heavy use. Naturally, excellent DJ headphones deliver exceptional sound quality and high output. DJing in a loud club or venue can be demanding, so DJs need headphones that allow them to hear all the nuances of their music for proper cueing and mixing. The best DJ headphones boast outstanding frequency response, often with more robust bass output compared to studio monitoring headphones. They strike a balance between a secure fit, sound isolation, and comfort.

Explore our collection of DJ Equipment at Sam Site to help you sound your best.

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