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61 Semi-Weighted Keys. 100 Presets, 50 Lyric Tones

61 Semi-Weighted Keys. 100 Presets, 50 Lyric Tones

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Precision in Every Note

Introducing an instrument designed for those who demand precision and expression in their music – the keyboard with 61 Semi-Weighted Keys. Each key offers a tactile response that bridges the gap between the touch of a traditional piano and the versatility of a keyboard. With every keystroke, you'll feel the nuanced weight that adds depth and emotion to your performance.

  • 61 semi-weighted keys for a balance of control and flexibility
  • Authentic touch that responds to your musical nuances
  • Craft melodies that resonate with passion and artistry

A Universe of Sound Awaits

Embark on a sonic journey with 100 presets that unlock a universe of musical possibilities. From lush orchestral tones to cutting-edge synth sounds, this keyboard caters to every genre and style. Whether you're composing, performing, or experimenting, the range of presets empowers you to create music that's uniquely yours.

  • 100 presets spanning various instruments and genres
  • Instantly switch between tones to match your creative vision
  • Shape your sound with effects and customizable parameters

Lyrics in Every Key

Enhance your compositions with the power of words using 50 lyric tones. The keyboard seamlessly integrates vocal samples, allowing you to weave lyrics into your melodies. Whether you're adding depth to your arrangements or creating dynamic performances, the inclusion of lyric tones adds an extra layer of expression to your musical artistry.

  • 50 lyric tones for blending vocals into your music
  • Infuse your melodies with storytelling and emotion
  • Elevate your performances with a new level of creativity
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