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FET Condenser Microphone

FET Condenser Microphone

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Designed to produce accurate, natural sound, our AS800 FET Condenser Microphone reliably captures everything from vocals to acoustic guitars to kick drums. With an extended high-end presence, smooth mid range, and robust low end, this mic delivers detailed sound reproduction with the flexibility to handle diverse sources without distorting. For more professional-sounding recordings, a built-in low-cut switch enables bass roll off to reduce rumble and the included shock mount isolates the mic from external vibrations. A carrying case is included for protective, convenient transportation. This mic also comes with a carrying case for protective, convenient transportation and a storage pouch to keep the capsule free of dust.

  • Large-diaphragm condenser mic captures accurate, natural sound
  • Crisp high end, smooth mid range, and robust low end for detailed sound reproduction
  • High sensitivity maintains effective output with quieter sources
  • Low noise enables a wide range of mic distance and position options

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