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Multi-Mic Holder - 7 Mics

Multi-Mic Holder - 7 Mics

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Keep your mic collection readily available, safe, and organized with our MSA2700 Multi-Mic Holder. This sturdy metal plate mounts to standard mic stands and features separate slots to hold up to seven mics in place. Flexible padding on the individual mic slots automatically adjusts to the size of each mic, providing a secure grip while protecting against scratches.

  • Holds up to seven handheld mics, including wireless, to keep them readily available, safe, and organized
  • Silicone padding increases grip and protects mic finishes
  • Holds mics in a staggered arrangement for clear viewing and ease of access
  • 5/8"-27 center socket and an included 3/8" adapter enables mounting on virtually any mic stand


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