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Power Crank-Up Speaker Stand

Power Crank-Up Speaker Stand

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Our SS8800B+ Power Crank-Up Speaker Stand ergonomically raises and lowers heavy speakers via a crank system that can be operated manually or with the aid of a power drill. The stand's versatile adaptable pole supports all standard speaker cabinet mounting sockets. Its heavy-duty construction, braced base, and nonslip feet work together to deliver exceptional stability and load balance even on irregular surfaces. The durable black finish preserves the professional appearance of any space. For convenient, compact storage and transportation, the tripod base folds flat.

  • Crank system supplies leverage for safely raising and lowering a mounted speaker
  • Crank can be operated manually or with the aid of a power drill for extra assitance
  • Speaker pole and adapter can fit speakers with 1 3/8" or 1 1/2" mounting sockets
  • Wide base with nonslip rubber feet provides stability for balanced speaker mounting

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